Uwe-Jens Karl

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Uwe-Jens Karl

Uwe-Jens Karl

Uwe-Jens Karl
Zambilelor 6
115300 Curtea de Arges

An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur?

-Cardinal Richelieu

My daily dose of spice

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Lovely mood while walking in a best friends crowd by the …

Baltic Sea

Two almost useless statuses

(2017) It’s definitely not any longer what it once used to be. All airlines have shrunk privilege levels for simple frequent flyers and the entry level status often is not more than a fancy title. As a Lufthansa “Silver” frequent traveler (LH*S FTL) you gonna have lounge access only if booked on a Lufthansa Group flight. And it must be a LH lounge as other lounges will accept only “Senators” or equal. So your frequent traveler status actually means frequently hanging around in public areas.

Recently gone bankrupt AirBerlin had no own but few partner lounges and the main FF privilege on Gold level was free seat booking in the “extra legroom” area. And: so-called “priority boarding” which many airport staffs had never even heard about. Now that the airline is gone, Oneworld notified me that my status would still be working with Etihad. Helpful for an inner-EU commuter? Yes, I managed to achieve two statuses traveling inside Europe for years (except yearly family holiday flights overseas).

Some 60+ segments a year still only allow for lowest status. Means my loyalty is not measured as a frequency as the program name may suggest. No illusion: Only value counts.

Unless you’ll book 1st class

Frequent traveler: They don't give a s**t on your frequency

Last traces of a failed world revolution

When Culture Beats Ideology

With Alexander on a high school gala, 2017

Unexpected Tribute to Marx, Engels and Lenin

(2017) The three-star of Marxism-Leninism as a unique wall frieze made from Meissen porcelain, the largest worldwide.

To be visited in the main lounge at Bundeswehr Academy of Information and Communication in Strausberg (Brandenburg).

Until 1990 here was the Conference center of the East-German armed forces (NVA) and thus often my center of action. That’s why I show it here.

After the political change of 1989/1990 for two decades hidden behind a curtain, the frieze has been made available to the public again for some time now with explanatory panels for correct political comprehension.

Photo taken spring 2017.

"Nobody has the intention to erect a wall."

Relic part of original Berlin Wall at Bernauer Strasse memorial

Stamp Briefmarke Walter Ulbricht, 1961(2017) Perhaps, the most popular quote of then East-German leader Walter Ulbricht when rumors occurred DDR authorities would build a wall to hinder people flee the country. Builders were engaged in residential construction, was his argument to calm down public opinion.

A historical lie. 1961, the year I was born, anyway marked the start to building what they taught us call “anti-fascist barrier”. It will last 28 years until, on November 9th, 1989, communist party (SED) official Günter Schabowski during a TV broadcast press-conference mistakenly declares borders open. Some 139 people died in 28 years while trying to get over this wall from East to West (327 along entire inner German border). Also, two dozens border patrol staff got killed in service.

Visiting this place today is always emotional and explaining to my kids this really happened – like reading them tales.

Total view over Berlin Wall memorial border area, Bernauer Strasse
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Nothing more inspiring than a comprehensive gin tasting with …


Haute cuisine crowd cooking with …

Chef Jakob

Inflight perspectives

"Arm doors, cross check"

Every1 knows,

Germanwings never flew TXL.
But I did.

Uwe-Jens Karl

#Private #Spice #Travel #Photography
Photo studio


Uwe-Jens KarlUwe-Jens Karl
Waldstrasse 13
15345 Altlandsberg



An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur?

-Cardinal Richelieu
Beautiful noise of spices

My daily dose of spice

Packs per hour.

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